8 reasons for reading Full Disclosure + review

Vurdering: 5 av 5.

Full Disclosure

Author: Camryn Garret

Genre: YA, Contemporary, LGTBQ+, Fiction

Pages: 290

Published: 2019


First thing first; Some of the chapters in this book had my old late 20 something butt cringed and laugh out loud at the same time. I really loved this book for all its teen sexual angst glory. The author herself was only seventeen when writing Full Disclosure, and it tells in a good way, in the way she «talks» directly to you the reader (or to every teenager and parent, and school teacher that really should read this book). She really has a way with words!

Last week, my health teacher made this long speech about how girls should spend their formative years discovering themselves and making close friends. Friendships, she said, are just as fulfilling as relationships. And I guess she’s right. I’m so grateful to have found Lydia and Claudia. I love them tons, but not in romantic way. Not having that makes me lonely in a way I can’t really describe.

Anyways… This book is about Simone navigating the stressful life of being a teenager, going to high-school, feeling insecure, MUSICALS (I absolutely love this aspect of Simone and how much she loves them), and crushing on the funny and sexy Miles, who only talks about musicals to see Simone smile (cue heart strings quartet). But, the one thing that is always in the back of her mind, is that she is HIV-positiv and constantly worries that her friends will find out, because the last time she told someone she was outed the entire school. And as any teen her mind is swimming with thousand questions about sex (and being HIV-positiv), and especially when she starts dating lacrosse player Miles Austin. As if that’s not enough Simone finds an anonymous note threatening to tell everyone if she don’t do what the note says!

“Is there even a Cats movie?” “God,” I say. “I hope not.”

I wish there wasn’t….

I thought I would do a little list with things that made this a good read for me:

  • How diverse the characters are. Simone has two dads, her friends are asexual lesbian and Bi.
  • The relationship Simone has with her dads
  • The fact that her friends are with her every step of the novel, and not just pops up once or twice. They go to a sex store like it’s the most natural thing in the world.
  • How informative the book is about HIV without it being too much information. ( did that make sense? )
  • How Simone don’t let it define her!
  • How natural the author writes about topics like masturbation for woman, going to sex stores, and covers subjects like safe sex.
  • Honestly did not guess who the note writer was! Like WHAT?!? That came as a shock
  • The personal growth the characters went through from the beginning to the end. that sweet ending 🙂

Overall this book is a heart warming story with characters that I loved getting to know, and its a book that will probably feel more relatable for a teen audience.

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