A River of Royal Blood review

Vurdering: 4 av 5.

A River of Royal Blood

Author: Amanda Joy

Genre: Young adult fiction, Fantasy Fiction

Series: A River of Royal Blood #1

Pages: 351

Published: 2019


Princess no more.

Princess Evalina Killeen is born with the magick of blood and marrow. A magick she hates and others are scared of. She must learn about her gift and how to control it before her seventeenth name-day, because as per tradition, in the hopes to ascend to the Ivory Throne and rule the Queendom of Myre, the sisters, Isadora and Eva must fight to the death. Eva stumbles across a fey with magical abilities that matches her own, Baccha a legendary Godling who becomes her teacher. Eva`s journey to learn about her magic and preparing for the Rival Heir tradition starts. But, it’s not going to be easy. Eva is attacked by an assassin, she is going to have to deal with death of loved ones, secrets and a secret plot for her life, and she will have to choose; Her sisters death or her own.

The book is set in a North-African inspired fantasy world with a diverse population. «Four races dwelled in Myre- human, fey, bloodline, and chimaera. Of the four, only bloodline, fey, and human were allowed to live freely in the capital, and the city was divided evenly among them.» The world building in this book is wonderful. You as a reader get to learn about the Queendom and the world of Akhimar and its rich culture and history along side Eva. Through the magic lessons with Baccha, she and we learn how the world came to be, how the Rival Heir tradition started and about their magic system.

As a character Eva has to deal with a lot and she is only sixteen. And this I think makes her do rash decisions and is oblivious of other peoples feelings. She is well aware of the bias of the population in Myre and as Queen she wants to make right of the treatment of the chimaera. The theme through the book is Eva`s journey to embrace who she is and that her magic is a part of her.

There are some interesting characters that I would loved to know more about, like the mysterious Sarou, a library clerk and the Auguries only apprentice (women who maps omens and interprets them) and Eva best friend Falun. This is something that has been in the back of my mind lately, and that is how little space a person who is suppose to have such a big part in the protagonist life is given in the story. Falun is described as » second-in-command of my guard and my closest friend» and yet he is only mentioned in passing and later in the book is only described as Evas escort. And then there’s the whole Falun/Baccha thing, did I miss something early on? Is there something going on between them? There are some mentions about them late in the book, and I just feel like I have missed something…

I’m not one to invest in the romance in a book, I tend to skim those parts and I did that with Eva and Aketo too. But, as I was reading I kept wondering if there is more to Aketo than meets the eye. Is there more to him than just being a pretty prince? more than a just side character to keep the protagonist distracted?

A lot of questions that I hope will (some at least) be answered in the sequel 🙂 A compelling debut that I would recommend to all fantasy lovers 🖤

The ending left a few questions and mysteries as well, so I really wished the second book was published a litt bit sooner than march 2021, but I am really looking forward to A Queen of Gilded Horns

May the pages of our books number vast as the stars, so that we can know the world as we have learned the skies.

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