List of audiobooks I have loved so far this year

Top 8 Audiobooks Confession: I never listened to audiobooks before this year. Why? Because I have a terrible time concentrating on something if it’s not written down. I can’t watch a movie or tv show without subtitles, (even in norwegian). But, because of my unique gift of falling off horses, I have had to doFortsett å lese «List of audiobooks I have loved so far this year»

8 reasons for reading Full Disclosure + review

Full Disclosure Author: Camryn Garret Genre: YA, Contemporary, LGTBQ+, Fiction Pages: 290 Published: 2019 Review First thing first; Some of the chapters in this book had my old late 20 something butt cringed and laugh out loud at the same time. I really loved this book for all its teen sexual angst glory. The authorFortsett å lese «8 reasons for reading Full Disclosure + review»

June Book Haul

Book Haul Last month was an unusual BIG book buying month for me. 16 physical books and 4 kindle books. I don’t usually read on my phone because of the strain on my eyes, but there were some amazing recommended on #bookstagram last month for #diversityinbooks and #Pride that I wanted to read and notFortsett å lese «June Book Haul»