Black God’s Drums review

The Black God’s Drums a Own Voice Novella Author: P. Djèli Clark Genre:  Science Fiction, Steampunk, Alternate history Pages: 108 Published: 2018, by Review Thirteen year old Jacqueline «Creeper» lives on the streets of New Orleans which is surrounded by big walls, «Les Grand Murs» made of iron to protect the city from stormsFortsett å lese «Black God’s Drums review»

«En som deg»

Bokfakta: Forfatter: Marc Levy Tittel: En som deg / A woman like her/ Une fille comme elle Sjanger:  Urban Fiksjon, Samtid romantikk Antall sider: 302 Forlag: Panta Utgitt i Norge: 2020 Oversatt av Heidi Grinde //Reklame// Leseeksemplar fra Panta Forlag New York City, Spanish Harlem og en sjarmerende bygård på Fifth Avenue nr 12 erFortsett å lese ««En som deg»»

Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday is a GoodReads meme that I am joining for the first time with the topic/theme «Rail and air transport». This is going to be a pretty short post because I was kinda struggling to find books that I’ve read with air and rail transport, and I’m pretty sure a good amount ofFortsett å lese «Top 5 Wednesday»

A River of Royal Blood review

A River of Royal Blood Author: Amanda Joy Genre: Young adult fiction, Fantasy Fiction Series: A River of Royal Blood #1 Pages: 351 Published: 2019 Review Princess no more. Princess Evalina Killeen is born with the magick of blood and marrow. A magick she hates and others are scared of. She must learn about herFortsett å lese «A River of Royal Blood review»

List of audiobooks I have loved so far this year

Top 8 Audiobooks Confession: I never listened to audiobooks before this year. Why? Because I have a terrible time concentrating on something if it’s not written down. I can’t watch a movie or tv show without subtitles, (even in norwegian). But, because of my unique gift of falling off horses, I have had to doFortsett å lese «List of audiobooks I have loved so far this year»

8 reasons for reading Full Disclosure + review

Full Disclosure Author: Camryn Garret Genre: YA, Contemporary, LGTBQ+, Fiction Pages: 290 Published: 2019 Review First thing first; Some of the chapters in this book had my old late 20 something butt cringed and laugh out loud at the same time. I really loved this book for all its teen sexual angst glory. The authorFortsett å lese «8 reasons for reading Full Disclosure + review»

June Book Haul

Book Haul Last month was an unusual BIG book buying month for me. 16 physical books and 4 kindle books. I don’t usually read on my phone because of the strain on my eyes, but there were some amazing recommended on #bookstagram last month for #diversityinbooks and #Pride that I wanted to read and notFortsett å lese «June Book Haul»


Dronningen Bokfakta: Forfatter: Tove Taalesen Tittel: «Dronningen» Sjanger: krim roman Antall sider: 546 Forlag: Panta Forlag Utgitt: 2020 //Reklame// Leseeksemplar fra Panta forlag Informasjon om boken: Hun er dronningen av Norge. Familiens overhode. Makten, tronen og slottet er hennes liv. Det skal være en heidundrende feiring på slottet med gallamiddag og slottsball. Kongelige fra heleFortsett å lese ««Dronningen»»

The Doll Factory review

The Doll Factory Review Set in 1850 London, England as the Great Exhibition is being set up in Hyde Park and a chance encounter between two people that will alter their life. For Iris, an aspiring artist, who dreams to have her painting hung in the Exhibition one day, the encounter is soon forgotten. ButFortsett å lese «The Doll Factory review»

«Det er så mørkt her»

Det er så mørkt her Bokfakta:  Forfatter: Lisbeth Pettersen Tittel: «Det er så mørkt her» Serie: #2 i Nina Berger serien Sjanger: Thriller Antall sider: 272 Forlag: Olivia Utgitt: 2020 //Reklame// Leseeksemplar fra Olivia forlag Bakside informasjon om boken: KLIMAFORSKER NINA BERGER sitter i fengsel og venter på å bli dømt for kidnapping, idet offeretFortsett å lese ««Det er så mørkt her»»